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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lace page marker bookmarks in the hoop!

I saw a few appliqued in the hoop versions online, but i wanted some for gifts that were fancier.  So I came up with this freestanding lace/fabric combo.  I have the embroidery designs for sale on my WEBSITE on the bottom of the page.  Most formats are offered, and more can be created, just pick dst and add a note in paypal or email me directly

There are three different versions and each set contains all the letters of the alphabet plus a blank one to add your own font or embroidery design.

Here are the appliqued versions, also for sale.

These will make great gifts for teachers, and women of all ages.  I have some "manly" versions as well as some for teens, so check back soon as I need to make the samples for them.


  1. Oh WOW Christy...These are GORGEOUS!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!!!

  2. Thanks Penny, as you can tell, i have too many hobbies, lol.